My paintings adhere to the beliefs of truth, beauty, and love, and the subjects range from my own studio to scenes of travel, from realistic to imaginative. Beautiful natural landscapes and humanistic beauties can touch the deepest part of my heart, and the emotion of painting is very abstract and short-lived intuition, which seems to keep changing and then fade away. I like to use water-based media to explore my visual senses to explore the abstract feelings of scenery, especially the sense of light and atmosphere.

My paintings come from my own visual senses and I try to create paintings that can move others. Experience has gradually taught me that before painting a piece, I should try to make a sketch to feel the problems and steps that may occur in the process, in order to increase my familiarity during the painting process. It is most important for me to let my creative habits come into full play and to "keep my creative energy".

I think a single look or fixing myself in a certain style means is temporary because feelings will change with age and experience, and I must keep learning and updating my thinking, combining techniques and experiments in the hope of constantly presenting the expression of my emotions.